Cure or not?

To determine the nature of an infection or determine the cause of poor flight performance a bacteriological research is often done. The results of these studies, however, do not always tell you to start a cure.

If there is a problem with the pigeons because the flight results are disappointing, people (with their pigeons) often visit the clinic for a bacteriological examination. But also when autopsies are performed a bacteriological examination takes place for further investigation. It is possible that there are different kind of bacteria found in this. (may or may not be pathogenic.) As the result of the autopsies of a sick pigeon shows, for example E. Coli bacteria in the liver or kidney and did the sampler done its job properly, than we can say that this bacteria doesn’t belong here. It could be that this E.Coli cost septicemia, as a result that the pigeon died. In such cases it is advisable to medically intervene to prevent the remaining animals to get worse.

Does the pigeon breeder have problems with the flight performances of his pigeons, then often is the question to examine a random pigeon, often without any clinical symptoms. For example, it may happen that an E. coli bacteria is found in the intestines in such pigeons. Many breeders than have the opinion that this is the cause of the problem (because nothing is found, for example). 

Black and White thinking

I notice in everyday practice that there is much uncertainty about the availability and use of antibiotics of today. I also notice that there are also many old wives' tales going around that are based on nothing. Reason enough to nuance that.

When Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin in 1928, not as everyone would have realized that it would become the base of a multibillion industry. This discovery can still be called a blessing for human and animal. Infections that are now considered relatively harmless could, before this discovery, often lead to death. I myself have a great respect for the discovery of Fleming because it saved my life when I was a little child. Due to blood poisoning I spend 6 months in the hospital. The discovery of Fleming led to the development of a large number of antibiotics and chemotherapeutic agents.