Breeding period

The moulting and breeding period are an important foundation for the next season. Medically, you have to beware of some aspects.

When the moulting period is used to care for the pigeon with the right essential blocks to create a fine plumage for the next season, instead of leave them to their own devices, you can start the breeding period with confidence.

The moulting period asks quite much of the birds. So it is, by nature, the time in which the resistance of the pigeons reduces fast.

The Adenovirus

In the past few weeks a number of lovers asked me if I could pay some attention to the previous named virus. One of these lovers got this diagnose from a colleague vet, another lover reported that this had to be the Adenovirus. Surely, his pigeon showed all symptoms which suggested the Adenovirus. Even in our clinic, we had to tell some lovers that we diagnosed some pigeons with the Adenovirus. The definite diagnosis can be established at dissection of the pigeon and especially through pathological research which showed liver necrosis. In doubtful cases, some of the material had to be sent to a laboratory to seek assurance. Therefor valuable time is lost. Fortunately there are

Peter Boskamp