Hidden (?) defects

In the last newsletter I told that the use of supplements usually adds little to the performance of the pigeons if they do not have basic health. It is not advisable to try to mask hidden defects.
When the season has started a couple of weeks go consultations ,outside individual cases of disease, can be divided roughly into three groups.

First there are the routine checks on the birds of the pigeon fanciers who regularly let their pigeons be checked on unwanted parasites. In addition to this check we discuss the chosen guidance, should it be adjusted to (changing) conditions ? The long distance players, will be checked on basket infections so when they need to be in top condition they will be there.


Another group of pigeons that are presented are the pigeons with respiratory infections. These are often the group of fansciers who have as a rule that they themselves do not swallow aspirin if they have a headache so pigeons get their medication only when "the time comes." After 3-4 flight is a part of followers of this philosophy ready to give medication. Typically, these fanciers are easily back on track but it may be necessary to skip the pigeons one week . Depending on course this is sometimes undesirable. Discussions on short course little more than often erupts again. But yes if pigeons really have a respiratory problem short courses are to be avoided. That only works resistance to antibiotics in hand.
I understand the dilemma of those who love it but I can only say that the pigeon sport has become and that the time of the 'Russian roulette' should be behind us. Usually we will see these fanciers back the next season back before the races begin to prevent them happening again. But "die hards" remain forever. Yet I maintain that prevention is better than cure. We better check the pigeons for the season for latent (hidden) infections than gamble that all will turn out during the season.

Food supplements

Many questions reached me the last weeks by phone, mail or asked at the clinic about the possibilities for using natural resources to support the shape and the flying.
Although there are specific questions between these questions they can be answered generally. As an exception, I would like to answer them in the newsletter this week.

I'm going to describe these supplements assuming that the pigeon is in good health, has no problems with coccidiosis, worms, or trichomoniasis and other respiratory disorders. In short, the birds are in good health. If this is not the case you purchase these or similar foodsupplements it has absolutely no use. First make sure that the birds lose their illnesses and give the Base System in first instance to getb the resistance at a higher level.
The Base System is in our approach the starting point or if you would like the thread in the guidance system of the pigeon. Often the pigeons will have a good health when they become the products of the Base System . (For completeness, it consists of SGR, Basis Kern, Nucleovit, Minral and BMT).
Many fanciers that use these resources are largely satisfied with the flying performance of the pigeons .

We have to take into account which flights are due when we choose our supplements. Thus, the pigeons Fond Players better don't bring in the form yet which is desired in the Day and overnight racing.
Program flight Players who want to give something extra in order to get the performances are supported with a number of possibilities.
To mention are the Bony Top condition, the Powerglutavit, Bony Bony Amin complete and MR supplement .
In our new catalog products are listed in detail.


About the above products can be told that they all are rich with animal protein adjusted quantities of trace elements and vitamins. No excess of vitamins. Bony MR and Bony Amin complete are richer with vitamins and minerals than the Bony Topconditie and Powerglutavit.
Although all the above products have the most satisfied users they praise in particular the Bony Power glutavit. This product contains additional Alanine and Glutamine. This amino acid is important as a nutrient for the intestinal cells but also important for muscle cells. Several fans reported back that the birds after a cure of one week with Powerglutavit clearly were better trained. Also as a building product for the flights it has already made his mark.
The Bony topcondtie contains more fat than the other supplements. MR supplement is finally used especially in middle distance. Also in middle distance the Powerglutavit has plenty of satisfied users. Some fanciers mix the two products. This latter happens with the MR plus more used by the Grand Fond.