Bits and Facts

Now the end of the year is coming near I see that a lot of topics been left behind.

Topics where you can write a whole article about. But there are also facts and axioms about some things, like I hear at the fairs or get asked in the emails, who are not obvious and known to all. On the internet I often see a number of statements passing on forums. For example Flora, which I think they are not conform the prevailing truth and insights. Do we focus on the reproduction period then there are some tips to give.

Traditionally, wheat germ oil is used during the reproduction period because of the high content of vitamin E. Traditionally, wheat germ oil is used during the reproduction period, due to the Vitamin E is available in nature. In a number of different forms. We must ensure that we do not choose a preparation in which only one of the existing vitamin E is present.

This would enable the insert of others vitamins E because we used one form as it were. In this way, it is possible that we overshoot our goal to increase the efficiency of the vitamin E in the body.

Preventive or curative?

Recently I visited a pigeon breeder. It was an old appointment that had been repeatedly postponed. We changed thoughts about things that are happing in the pigeon sport. At a certain point we started talking about ‘the guidance of a veterinarian'.

I hear it so often, pigeon breeders tell me that they never actually go to the veterinarian, but they hardly cannot do it by themselves anymore. This last one is not completely true. Let me say it this way, it depends what you are looking for at a ‘veterinarian'. I believe that the average veterinarian has noting with pigeons, or he/she is willing to full up a powder for that what the pigeon breeder thinks his pigeons are suffering with. No, for that reason you don't have to visit a veterinarian. With the internet and the other ways you can get that somewhere else even easier.