Accompaniment Guides

It is important to make sure that during breeding everything is under control and that is stays that way. This makes sure that the youngsters can grow up healthy and prosperous. It is wise a few weeks before coupling to check the manure of the pigeons on the presence of coccidiosis, worms and paratyphoid.

Bony System

How to start with the Bony System developed by our pigeon veterinarian Boskamp?

First of all, there is a difference between this system and the others. The main difference is that we concentrate on a natural approach, which does not mean we say, one can do without medicins at all. Our clinic has a wide assortment of products. Our philosophy is that we have to get an optimal result, with the use of as least products as possible.

Autumn is the designated time to disinfect the loft. There are several good disinfectants on the market.

The moulting period is one of the most important periods of the year.

In the winter period, pigeons have to receive as little medication as possible. Let nature follow its course, except in the cases with serious clinical diseases.