Newsletters 2016

Newsletter December 2016

The most frequent asked question in the last month, is whether one should or should not provide a cure for breeding. Recently, at the autumn fair of the NPO the same question was point of topic.

Click here to read about dr. Peter Boskamp opinion about this subject. 

Newsletter November 2016

Autumn is the designated time to disinfect the loft. There are several good disinfectants on the market. The trouble with many disinfectants is that they can have in themselves carcinogenic properties to a greater or lesser extent. Usually the pigeons do not have much to do with this, but the owner even more. What I noticed over the years, is that the side effects of these agents regarding carcinogenicity are often stashed, downplayed in lowercase or otherwise.Click here to read more: Newsletter November

Newsletter October 2016

The last few months we got several questions, why the Newsletter wasn’t send out anymore. The reason for this is simple. Due to a technical fault the mailing list got lost, it was necessary to re-enter all the addresses again. In addition, we have put the newsletter in a new design.

In the newsletter you will find information about Paratyphoid, our Bony Base System and the International Pigeon Fair in Kassel. Click here to read it: Newsletter October 2016