Vetcenter Information

The pigeonvetcenter in Beek is a division of the veterinary center established in Beek. There are 6 veterinarians working in our clinic and 8 assistants (paraveterinarians).

It is principally Dr. Boskamp who is taking care of the of the pigeon's health.

Besides the application of regular medicine, we are also specialised in alternative
medicine (herbs etc.). Our practice tries to limit the administration of medicine by
regular health controls and the application of herbal preparations in order to increase the immunity.
This, in combination with preventive vaccination contributes to the start of the high season with an optimized immunity. We also prevent unnecessary cures during the season with this approach, and that leaves the pigeon fanciers more time to optimize the pigeon's condition and

A few times a year, we send information about pigeons in general plus a recent overview of all the medicines used in the pigeon's wo

rld to all pigeon fanciers subscribed in our register. Besides that, we regularly send newsflashes, new products and other relevant


information by e-mail to the pigeon fanciers who have showed interest in getting them.

Good performances are based on regular health control of the pigeons.