Youngsters (2)

Last week I mentioned that Circovirus may be seen as the major culprit behind the youngsters Syndrome.
This syndrome can be seen as a collection of disorders that can give overlapping symptoms. . The severity of this disease depends largely on the secondary infections that helped cause the symptoms.
From the beginning of this century, we saw more and more that the Adeno-coli are less likely to respond to the usual medicines. Furthermore, we saw that the pigeons supported in a more natural way seemed to have fewer problems and usually quickly responded to the medication.

Around 2005 we see a larger increase in the sluggishness of the youngsters on the flights. Many reasons attributed to this. These youngsters seem healthy and the fanciers expect a top result. Nothing is less true if it appears that one third to one half of the youngsters does not return the flight. Also at home more pigeons are lost this year.

There are increasingly more pigeons with red throats or yellow herds in the mouth, which is strongly suspected to a herpesvirus infection. Many fanciers are convinced that it's an infection with the Yellow and cures against it. Unfortunately without any results.

But is this the only problem ? No unfortunately not. There is also a proliferation of Candida – infections . Streptococcal Infections whetheras an accompanying phenomenon in the Herpesvirus Infections or independant.
Today a fancier called about the paramyxovirus in his youngsters. But also other viruses we find.
There are also pens with strong respiratory problems.
In short it is a whole mixture of symptoms.
If a diagnosis is made, the selected therapy is often disappointing. It sometimes occurs that only a small improvement after antibiotic treatment is seen. Many fanciersover have reproachful words about the 'other' vet. But this is often not justified.

Hidden (?) defects (4) - Youngsters

In recent weeks many emails reached me in response to the newsletters of May. Intended as food for thought it provoked multiple responses. Also recognizing their own problems. Of course there were fanciers that reported that they never had to do with the described complaints. Everything is possible. It's not all black and white.
I was absent the last few days. When I opened my mailbox today I noticed the large number of complaints about problems with the youngsters. Thus, there have been reports of vestibular dysfunction in young, yellow herds in the mouth, yellowish or greenish liquid manure, vomit, etc.
Most of the emails were accompanied by the question whether there is a good medicine to cure them.Of course I understand the problems.And Yes we should treat them.
But simultaneously we should be thinking about taking measures to prevent occurring in the future.
Considering everything we have described various problems in our newsletters of June.