The many e-mails, but also the conversations on the various fairs, making it clear that there are still many misunderstandings about many relatively simple things. Of course partly they don’t make it easy for the pigeon breeders.

Indeed, we can see the direction that the veterinarians who focus primarily divided into a group that mainly prefers prescribing antibiotics to keep the birds healthy and busy an another group to which I count myself, who want to only use antibiotic if necessary, but also to build a more natural support, so that the birds are less susceptible to various infections that threaten them, making the use of medication be more limited.

As described more often we see increasing the results in the races with the last mentioned approach. Also by this approach we see that the pigeons are less depending on medication to stay healthy. An even more important advantage is that this approach causes the possibility of an better selection. Because the weaker ones are not kept alive by al kind or (unnecessary) cures. The end result is a tribe of pigeons what becomes strong.


In the previous column I have mentioned that it is important that the pigeons have a good defense, to retain good results in the pigeon sport. As I expected, this kind of article evokes a number of ‘Yes-but’ questions and propositions. As a precaution I had already made it clear that I am not against the use of antibiotics when necessary and that I am glad that there are still some good working products. Except we have to make sure that we keep it that way. The government aims for several reasons for limiting the use of antibacterial products. That is a fact that everyone has to deal with. Eventually also the pigeon breeders. But regardless of what the government claims it is good to think about the responsible use of these medicine.