A few weeks ago in the Saturday section of a national newspaper I read a very interesting appendix. In the world of the cancer therapy there are three traditional ways to tackle this accursed disease. The surgical knife, irradiation and chemotherapy. For a long time the alternative (supporting) treatments are quickly dismissed as quackery. Again, a doctor mainly still has to stick to the existing protocols and don't get to far of that path to find a solution. The risk that you get a quack branding from the profession is easy to get. Already quite some time in the alternative circuit they advise you on strengthen your own defenses, to help provide the body, not only to help to stop the disease itself, but also against the "collateral damage" by the usual therapy withstand.

Further with the reproduction

I want to use this opportunity to wish all the readers of this newsletter a good and healthy 2014.  Health for the animals but most of all health for the readers themselves and their loved ones. That 2014 may be a good year in all aspects.

In the last newsletter I pointed out a few things, where we should pay attention to during the reproduction. In the meanwhile we have completed a number of tests with nutritional supplements that can contribute to an optimal rise of the youngster in the bowl. The philosophy behind it is that we have the building blocks necessary for the youngsters to grow and develop optimally as possible in the early grow stages. The results were very encouraging.