Youngsters that stay away

The question of why so many youngsters stay behind is regularly asked to use pigeon veterinarians by pigeon breeders. There are colleagues who want to have all the answers and say they know exactly the absolute cause. That is nonsense in my eyes. There is no single cause, there are several reasons for this. Old friends like clear skies and easterly winds, and also those inversion can be quite though among the youngsters in an unguarded moment. But there are other causes. If we look at the diseases that play a role, there are multiple to mention. Again, there are again some old acquaintances such as heavy cancer infections, respiratory infections, and also the "coli". But this is what too general and too easy.

Personally, we believe that the herpesvirus plays a significant role in the loss of the youngsters. And it is not directly then at least indirectly. Since we have to vaccinate against this disease, which according to the books has to be done twice. There is a clear trend that the pigeons who are vaccinated do not get lost that often.

The question remains whether this is purely caused by the Herpes vaccination or the fact that it vaccinates in this way also twice against paramyxovirus (as intended is), as this plays a major, or perhaps greater role. To rule that out we should look at people who only vaccinated twice against salmonella as the leaflet prescribes. But the vast majority of those who vaccinated only do this once, because it is simply a "must".


For last month’s pigeon magazines I worth an article about the backgrounds of the youngster diseases. Now in this busy period I notice that I do not have time to read any articles. We are all busy with our pigeons. Next to that there are several topics that should have been discussed in the last few months. But do not matter enough to devote and whole article on it. That is why I have wrote this article with these kind of facts in it. Might be interesting enough to be read during the hustle and bustle of everyday life.