Bony Iron Boost

Complementary feed for pigeons.

Bony Iron Boost speeds up recuperation of pigeons after a heavy effort and supports youngsters especially. After supplying Bony Iron Boost, droppings are coloured dark.

Composition: vegetable proteins, lactose, milk serum, fruit pulp, potato pulp.

Analytical components and levels: crude protein 21%, crude fibre 0.4%, crude fat 0.1%, crude ash 7.5%, lysine 1%, methionine 0.3%, sodium 0.2%, calcium 0.1%, phosphor 0.1%.

Use:In case of weakening and bad results, give a cure of 7 days. It can also be given to youngsters during training races. In the racing season Bony Iron Boost can be supplied twice a week.

Dosage: 1-2 scoops per kg of food. Attention: NEVER give Bony Iron Boost in drinking water. For an easy and uniform mixture it is advised to moisten the food with oil (for instance Bony Omega 3 Nucleovit).

Available in: 300 gr.

2 bony iron boost 300 gr

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