Bony M Mineral Mix Superior

Complementary mineral feed for pigeons.

Bony M Mineral Mix Superior for pigeons is a complete supplement consisting of minerals, trace elements and amino acids that are necessary for pigeons next to their daily food.

The rich composition of natural raw materials, supplies the pigeons with the right amount of energy to recover and to replenish reserves quickly in the breeding-, moulting- and resting period. This food supplement’s level of acceptance is extremely high (90-100%) for old birds as well as youngsters. It shortens the moulting process and supplies your pigeons with a beautiful silky feather-deck and helps them reaching an optimal condition and good shape of the body.

The special Firr® grain in this mixture is of the greatest value for the orientation skills of pigeons. It also prevents thin and flat droppings and gives extra resistance  against several diseases. Bony M Mineral Mix Superior meets up to the complete need for minerals, grind and pebble.

Composition: oyster grit, lime, red stone, silex, shells mix, seaweed grit, sharp pebble, avigrit, loam, brewer’s yeast, sodium, phosphor, magnesium, Fir mmc, weed seeds, linseed, millet, rapeseed.

Analytical components and levels: crude protein 5.8%, crude fat 7.2%, crude ash 67.6%, crude fibre 4.6%, moisture 2.6%. 

Nutritional additives per kg: iron 64.39 mg/k, manganese 35 mg/k, copper 5.00 mg/k, iodine 0.5 mg/k, selenium 0.1 mg/k, aroma 0.04 mg/k, anise 0.2%

Use: In periods that ask much energy, like the breeding-, racing- and moulting period. In times of rest, use once or twice a week. Young growing pigeons or during flights, use several times a week.

Available in: 2,5, 5, 10 kg.

bony m mineralen mix superior 10 kg

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