As is known smallpox particularly occur late summer and autumn. The disease is transmitted by direct contact and by blood-sucking insects and insect stings.After contamination the disease braeks out after 10-20 days. The symptoms are quite characteristic. We distinguish between the skinform and the diphtheria form.
If the birds can not eat the disease is fatal. If not, we will see recovery after 7 to 21 days . Internal organs are rarely affected. The lesions in the mouth can be treated with iodine. Affected birds should be isolated. In order to prevent secondary infections these birds can be treated with Marbocap and AMX tablets.
In principle, the prognosis of a virus infection is possitive if the animals continue to eat . The infection spreads slowly in a loft . This can cause the lost of the entire youngsters playing season. Preventive some good vaccin are available. Due to the slow spread an emergency vaccination may contribute to a lower spread of the virus and therefore a faster recovery of the loft.
Traditionally, the feather follicle method is used. The pigeons are then to be grafted six weeks before the racing season. The pigeons should be over the age of 4 weeks. In recent years, more vaccinations are made with the combination of paramyxovirus and smallpox .

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That vaccination against Paratyphus only makes sense when there is a decent plan of approach? This means performing vaccinations minimally 2 times a year. The first time preferably 2 times with 3 weeks in between.