Over the past few weeks, several lovers visited our clinic, which indicated that they wanted to follow a natural program, but could not work with the catalog they had taken on the Pigeon Fair. Initially, I thought that was somewhat exaggerated because I was assuming that is was described clearly. When I discussed this in the clinic, two new assistants also struggled with the summary in the catalog.

Now, I thought that it is good to take a look at our natural system from the point of view of Illness care, health care and performance care as described in my book "Keep Pigeons Healthy". (For now only in Dutch)
The starting point is that lover knows how to feed their pigeons. That he uses good food and from constant quality.

Illness care
First of all, it is important to determine for the season whether there are any problems with the airways or other shortcomings in the pigeons that can be remedied by medical intervention. At least fourteen days prior to commencement of flights, this must be fixed so that the pigeons have enough time to recover from the necessary medication. In the case of illness care, especially during the first flight when the infection pressure in the travel baskets is the highest, it is necessary to keep a good control in order to check whether an infection has occurred during the stay in the baskets. If an association in the region performs relatively moderately, this is definitely an important issue.

As soon as the infections are confined, it is important to ensure that the risk of newly picking up new infections is avoided as much as possible. This can be achieved by optimally supporting the resistance of the pigeons. Within our base system, the Bony SGR and, since this year, the Bony Bio complete are the red lines in this system. Practice teaches that the regular delivery of both drinks in drinking water greatly contributes to good bowel health. This in turn supports the general resistance such that the pigeons are often less susceptible to general infections. In order to support this in its entirety, the day after return, provide the Bony Usneano Plus in the drinking water. This drink makes it very difficult for the Coccidiose and cancer. At the transition from the Healthcare and Performance Care, the three products we advise to give over the feed, midweek’s. The Omega Nucleovit, the B.M.T., Basic Essence. in combination, this combination not only supports resistance but also contributes to the build-up of the performance level at the beginning of the flight range.
As soon as more is asked of the pigeons, the Power-Glutavit and the Bony MR Plus will come into view. The first is mainly used during construction to further flights and Semi long flights, while the Bony MR Plus has won its trajectories a lot during the one-day and multi-day long flights. Where the transition to the use of the aforesaid products depends on the flight conditions and the 'fingerspitz feel' of the lover. These two products are supplied over the feed with, for example, fly oil.

The performance must be improved with the above resources. But many lovers swear to do the 10 drops of Bony Mineral in the drinking water before the flights. These trace elements make the pigeons come home fitter and do not fall onto the slice as pinched mop. It has been one of the top products in the Bony range for years. Coming to the semi long flights, it may be good to give the pigeons an extra boost. For this purpose, the Bony Cat Plus is used together in the drinking water. The combination provides a boost during the flights. During the One-day and Multi-Day  long flights, we will give the Bony SGR a few days in a row. At the multi-day long flights the last four days for basketting. For the last three days we have not been the Bony Cat plus and the last two days the Bony Mineral.

During the multi-daylong flights we have given the Bony MRsupplement over the last Pigeon Vetcenterthree days on the feed with Fly oil 2.0. The combination of the mentioned products allows for a balanced build-up of performance to the flights. The pigeons are well prepared for the baskets. Pigeons accompanying us are also eligible for the special capsules on the day of incorrigation. It is important to determine if the pigeons are doing good. Naturally, pigeons that are suboptimal also do not benefit from this kind of balancing natural capsules. You also do not make any race horses from donkeys.

But what about all the other products that are still in the catalog? Let me be clear in this. Begin at the beginning and “build” the pigeons. That is a good advice, but unfortunately is struck in the wind, by many fans. This "construction" is costing too much time and so one wants to resort to some of the remaining products. Products that are basically developed for special circumstances as soon as the normal system fails.

For example, in the case of lovers who are under the guidance of the clinic, know that in spite of all good intentions the flight glow is still moderate. For those cases, the Bony Endurance and the Bony Training Mix have been developed. Both products provide a build-up of flight comfort and endurance. But wise lovers can also achieve that with the aforementioned products. Those do not use 'turbo's'.
Bony Endurance as well as the Bony Training mix include Octacosanol. This substance has shown, through scientific research, the ability to increase stamina by about 10%, provided that the construction phase has been met for optimal results. For this purpose, you should provide this mix for 14 days in combination with Bony Omega fly oil Octa 20,000. After this period you can give it twice a week.

Ordinary vitamin preparations that can be given after disease recovery are the Bony Farvisol or theBony Fly Vitamin.

If the pigeons come back from the flight, one can catch the pigeons withBolectrol supplemented with 10 drops of A Booster. The A Booster is a concentrate of directly recordable amino acids that allow for a quick recovery after flight. For pigeons who suffered because they have sworn for several days, the Bony Recovery Capsules have been designed. However, these have found their way after many flights to support the pigeons individually.

Now this is not the whole range of Bony products. There are other products like the widely used Bony Bronchicron. But I want to end the summary here before the overview is lost again.

I hope this newsletter has brought clarity to those who still have no way of knowing about our products but should like to get along with it.

Peter Boskamp

Good Luck,