Endurance and muscle recovery

More than ten years ago, I spook about omega fatty acids for the first time. At that time, it was still relatively new that certain fatty acids from this group, in particular derivatives from the omega 3 group play an important role in the development of the brains. This refers to the EPA and DHA. Since then a lot has changed and a lot more research. What got ones attention was that our food contains way too much omega 6 fatty acids which the balance between omega 3 and omega 6 can be pretty upset. Clinical trials showed that when applying the omega 3 oil during the breeding, to achieve decent profit fell in the development of the youngsters. The breedingoil is therefore sufficiently well known by now.

E. coli (Escherichia coli)

There are a number of bacteria that can cause diseases by pigeons, but do not under every circumstance. We call these bacteria facultative pathogenic bacteria. They can cause disease in principle and sometimes even death, but this only occurs when conditions are favorable for the bacteria. Under these conditions, the bacteria can multiply quickly. The bacterium E. coli is one of these bacterium. Yet we still consider this bacterium in the majority of cases as part of the normal intestinal flora in pigeons. During routine examination of manure this bacterium is commonly found. There are usually no symptoms. But some veterinarians advice to counter cures here. This is questionable.

Escherichia coli is a so-called gram negative rod-shaped bacterium which belongs to the family of the Enterobacteriaceae. Also Proteus and Klebsiella bacteria, as well as the Salmonella belongs to this family. There are many different strains of E. Coli.